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Welcome to INNOVATIVE's Canada 20/20 Panel
Where Canadians come to be heard.

As a Canada 20/20 member, from time to time you will receive surveys that give you the opportunity to voice your opinion on some of today's hot-button issues. Each time you complete a survey you have the chance to win cash or prizes.

Better still, you'll be able to see how your responses compare when the survey results are reported in the news!

Canada 2020 surveys Canadians on important topics like:

  • Quebec within Canada

  • Taxes

  • Health Care issues

  • Immigration Policy

  • National Defence

  • International Affairs

  • Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Government

  • First Nations Issues

  • Environment and Global Warming

  • Canadian Economy

  • Same Sex Marriage

  • Seniors Issues

  • Old Age Pensions

  • RRSPs and Income Trusts

  • Crime and justice issues

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